St Laurence’s College


St Laurence’s College wanted to enhance their existing enrolment package. They felt that the piece was cumbersome and awkward to handle, and that the design was disconnected from their brand. They decided to engage PCGA Design Studio to re-engineer the suite of materials, including their prospectus, enrolment forms and corporate folder.

Our design team developed a clean, contemporary and on-brand visual look for the enrolment package. Incorporating a strong use of images, the new design portrays the College impressively and in a way that is appealing to new families. Our designers also sourced the ideal sustainable stock range to mirror the College’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Importantly, PCGA’s design is streamlined and highly functional. Everyone from the Principal to administration staff and parents find it easy to use and carry, and the project has been very well received both within and outside the school community.

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